Jan 8, 2010

Stroke ILA Question

ILA stroke merupakan ILA yang paling mencabar buat saya. Di sini saya tuliskan semual soalan dan jawapan bagi Kuiz ILA ( Stroke )

1. Area that responsible in speech probem
ans : Broca' s are

2. ( tak sempat nk tulis, tp ada kaitan dgn kerosakan bahagian otak yang menyebabkan personality change_
ans : prefrontal area

3. Artery that supply primary visual area
ans posterior cerbral artey

4. Artery that supply motor ortex
ans : anterior cerebral artery

5. The direct effect of brain edema on cerebral blood flow would cause the effect on cerebral tissue
ans: ischemia

6. Increase CO2 concentration in the brain cause this effect on cerebral blood vessel
ans : vasolidation

7. 25 years old female with mitral stenosis due to rhematic heart disease developed wekness of her right upper lower limb while she watering her plant in the garden
ans : cerebral embolism

8. ( xsempat.tp patient tu ade DM,ssh nk bangun )
ans : cerebral thrombosis

9. After cerebral ischemia, mitochondria enyzme loss of function ( name ezyme tu)
ans : pyruvate dehydrogenase

10.Enzyme that convert acetycholine into inactive form.
ans : acetylcholinesterase

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